Your Business Website Is Your Business

There are many business owners willing to spend lots of money to rent, renovate and making their office or shop looks stunning. However, when it comes to business websites, they tend to pay less attention and skimp on it. Does the business website able to generate more visitors compared to the shop or office? Perhaps […]

Why Blog Is Important To Your Work

Whether you are an employee, employer or freelancer, it is increasingly important if not a requirement to start blogging (writing). A blog can be applied to a company, personal or community website. It can also be called a blog, news & updates or whatever the name you want to be. But why should you include […]

4 Dirty Internet Marketing Activities You Shouldn’t Do

The Internet, as a medium, is largely unedited. Powered by the ease of self-publishing and the quick methods of publishing such as blogging made available to people at large, it is soon proving to be a large, ground for accumulating digital trash in the form of Information. While most of it will die sooner or […]