Mobile E-commerce: How to Boost Sales by Enhancing User Experience 

To convince users to spend money, mobile applications built today must not only offer a remarkable experience but also to inspire reliability. This is a major issue for e-commerce. The demands of the user who purchases via a mobile or web apps surpasses that of the user who is looking for information or aspires to […]

Introducing MFS

MFS stands for Mobile Field Service. It is a module for ProLine which allows mobile staff such as engineers or servicing technicians to conduct their work using a smartphone powered by Android. The MFS app is a successor for our previous ProLine PDA module, which runs on Windows Mobile 6. With mobile data plan, staff […]

Options for Mobile Printing

As smart phones is over-shadowing the PDA market, the PDA and its related supplies are phasing-out by the manufacturers. As software developers, we are exploring alternative solutions and very easily the conclusion is to develop on smart phones platform. Economically available as it is mass-produced, popular smart phones such as iPhone, Android and similar touch-based […]