Join Our ProLine for Accounting Facebook Group!

We are happy to announce the new company group on Facebook called \”ProLine for Accounting\”. This is a group for anyone to ask, discuss and exchange ideas on how to use ProLine for accounting (including GST). If you happen to have a Facebook account, please feel free to join our group. Facebook:

Introducing MFS Manager

We are pleased to announce our NEW Mobile Field Service (MFS) Manager app. With MFS Manager, operation manager able to manage technical team closely. Monitor individual technician’s activities, daily/ weekly job listing, job status, last service location & etc. What is MFS Manager? Proline MFS Manager is a companion app for Proline MFS which allows managers to […]

Does your company need custom software?

There are two options available to provide team members of a company and customers with a technology platform that simplifies and streamlines key tasks. They are- :  pre-existing software or custom-built software. Many businesses can run effortlessly with pre-existing or off-the-shelf software. Until they don’t. But once the business grows there might be a chance […]

Save Time and Money with ProLine MFS! Try It For Free!

If your business involves field services, saving time and costs are likely your primary concerns. And in times of financial distress, options like a short loan may be necessary for your business to continue to thrive. With MFS, you don’t have to dig through this. كازينو اونلاين But when you find yourself allocating too much […]

GST-Compliant ProLine, The Fruit of Sleepless Nights

Almost two weeks has passed since GST became effective on the first of April, 2015. We are glad to announce that we\’ve made it through delivering our promise of GST-compliant version of ProLine to our clients. It is arduous to describe the level of anxiety and stress that we\’ve all faced as GST epoch was […]

Download & Learn ProLine for FREE

Datum Is Giving Out Free Business Software Petaling Jaya, Selangor, 20 May 2010 – Before investing into an accounting, inventory or CRM systems, check out the software that Datum has launched recently. Whether you are new to computerization or upgrading an existing system, Davis Tan, CEO of Datum recommends that you look for an integrated […]

NST: Interview The Experts Q&A

By Gerald Chuah (15 May 2010) WITH RELIABLE internet connectivity and faster computers, and state-of-the-art software, automating office work can now be achieved with the right mindset and teamwork. Going paperless is easy, the only issue is about implementation. That is where education and the change of habits come in. To further streamline this process, […]

3 Ways Proline Can Boost Sales Cycle

No business can sustain itself without a working sales cycle in motion – the more effective this sales process is, the more profitable any business will be. Strangely, most small and even mid-sized businesses don’t seem to be giving the sales cycle the due importance it deserves. Creating an effective sales process is not a […]

How to get the Most Out of E-Filing Systems

If you have been involved with any business, at any level whatsoever, piles of data is processed, a never ending stream of paperwork has to be completed and more than one department is usually involved. Could you imagine the chaos a conventional business thrives in? Can it be made any simpler? Of course it can […]

13 Reasons Why You Need ProLine

All-In-One Business Operations and Intelligence Software with features designed to increase productivity, efficiency and higher bottom-line. Here are 13 reasons that you may consider for your company… How to maximize your profit margin with less time and effort. How to sell faster and easier – even if you don’t have a sales team. Easiest way […]