Who moved my money??? E-MAIL FRAUD ALERT!!!

Have you ever received any suspicious email relate to your bank account? According to Federal Trade Commission more than nine million people have experienced identity fraud problems, and 53% came from scammers who use the internet to defraud. بيت ٣٦٥ Then, it is what we should be aware of. لعبة القمار بوكر One of the […]

Clients say ProLine MFS is a right choice in improved productivity and customer relations

As technology and information growth is fast, the need for efficiency has driven companies to implement business intelligent software into their system. Previous issue, we talked about MFS (standalone). Let’s us share with you today – ProLine MFS. ماكينة القمار ProLine is a specialized system for field and maintenance industry that manage the complete sales […]

Online Visitors keep coming back to my website…

By: Dave Dee The other day I overheard a story all too familiar… A businessman was complaining that he’d spent thousands of dollars on his website, yet only 1% to 2% of prospects were actually responding. Understandably the man wanted to know how to reach the other 98%. It’s a pretty common problem… Yet many […]

Why using public email services is dangerous

We\’ve just witness a confession of a spy from NSA that have access to most major web services such as gmail, yahoo, hotmail, etc. Apart from being exposed to hacking, eavesdropping, identity theft, and many more attacks, we need to be proactive to ensure our own security, clients and vendors to be improved at all […]

A mobile app specializes for Field Service & Maintenance Industry

Mobile Field Service (MFS) is a mobile app specializes for field service & maintenance. It is designed to run on smartphone (iPhone & Android phone) or tablet computers which now available in Apple Apps Store & Google Play. Client says outstanding service keeps her coming back… MFS helps businesses in servicing industries manage their mobile workers; […]

How To Get Your Products To Sell FAST !?

By: Darcy Juarez Today I’m going to answer one of the most asked questions I get… “How do I get my products selling fast?” My answer: Put up landing pages and create sales funnels. Although only eight words long, this answer is sometimes a barrier for people. Technology stops them or they aren’t sure how I […]