ProLine 3.2 latest enhancements

[av_one_full first] [av_textblock size=\’\’ font_color=\’\’ color=\’\’] And again we are happy to announce that ProLine 3.2 is here and is now Windows 10 ready! [/av_textblock] [av_heading heading=\’Added compatibility on Windows 10\’ tag=\’h4\’ style=\’\’ size=\’\’ subheading_active=\’\’ subheading_size=\’15\’ padding=\’10\’ color=\’\’ custom_font=\’\’][/av_heading] [av_partner columns=\’2\’ heading=\’\’ size=\’no scaling\’ border=\’\’ type=\’slider\’ animation=\’slide\’ navigation=\’arrows\’ autoplay=\’false\’ interval=\’5\’] [av_partner_logo id=\’240\’ hover=\’\’ link=\’\’ linktitle=\’\’ link_target=\’\’] […]

ProLine 3.1 Latest Enhancements

Hi folks! Would like to quickly keep you updated on what our software engineers have been upto in the last few weeks and what’s happening to our infamous ProLine software… Nope…they haven’t been sleeping during office hours 🙂 For a start, just to give you some heads-up, programming, no matter how little the enhancements maybe, […]