M4: All Data in One Interface

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) features in M4 bring all your client’s information into one organized unit. The client’s complete history with your business exists alongside a list of your orders, schedules, quotations, and pricing live in one interface. Running a great pest control company is all about client service. When you are on the phone […]

How Paperless Office Can Increase Your Business Efficiency?

If most of your business information is recorded the old-fashioned way—on the papers, you may want to consider switching to a paperless office to simplify operations, reduces costs, and save precious time. Ever thought about going paperless, here’s how you should proceed. Creating a paperless office can save your business a lot of time and […]

M4: Advancing Pest Control Services

A system developed alongside pest control operators, M4 has inherited the best-of-breed features from its predecessor. With the goal of empowering the pest control service industry, this robust system will enable you to market, manage, measure and multiply your business efficiently without spending much time scribble everything on papers. Have M4 in your language as […]

We will be at FAOPMA Shenzhen 2018 (Booth A16)!

at the Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center, from the 26th to 29th Septembereasierfaster and automaticallyYour pest control business can get upgraded with the following features: Auto Scheduling with preset jobs in a contract Optimizing routes with Maps integration Simple and effective drag and drop calendar Handy location tagging and station updates with MapScan Automated billing […]

How artificial intelligence (AI) can help SMEs

: pixabay Have chatbots on your website reply instantly to your prospects and customers. Have these bots answer the most frequently asked questions and help your website’s visitors have a more interactive time with your website. The faster a customer or prospect can get answers, the higher the likelihood they are to favour your brand […]

Moving Forward: Brief interview with two interns from TAR UC

Two interns from Tunku Abdul Rahman University College (TAR UC), Waikei and David, had recently completed their internship term at Datum. Both were from TAR UC’s programming course. I, Kit, sat down with them to briefly talk about their experiences in the company. Kit: Please introduce yourself. Waikei: My name is Waikei, and i graduated […]

Why family support is important when training as a programmer

Studying anything will take up a large chunk of your time, and programming is no different. You’ll be spending upwards of 30-40 hours in front of the computer as you continuously refine your skills as you work. Dedicating all this time can leave you at risk of not having much time for the other things […]

ProLine GST module with GST 0%

All supplies of goods and services which are now subject to GST at standard rated 6% becomes standard-rated 0% effective on 01 June 2018. Importation of goods is also subject to GST at standard-rated 0%. We have upgraded most of your GST module yesterday, and 2 new tax codes “SR-0” & “TX-0” are added to […]

Datum’s Prosperity Toss celebration 2018

On 28th of February 2018, Datum Clearmind celebrates Prosperity Toss, also known as Lou Sang during lunch time at Japanese restaurant Wasabi (Viva Shopping Mall) Lot G-03. Before we headed to lunch, the office had arranged a short gathering with all the family of Datum. During the gathering, we established the company’s future and the […]

Phi’s Internship Experience

The main concept of this work is putting your point of view and ideas to produce a satisfying system for the users, in which I have never considered before I came here. However, Datum Clearmind has helped me to understand the important aspect in software developments.