Manage your Pest Control Services – With M4!

Photo: Construction Week Online Managing a pest control service is no easy task, especially if services like pest control is not hired. Throughout the day you are pulled in various directions from moving between the office, your service vehicle, customer accounts, maps, reporting, etc. The list goes on and on. that’s the reason, it is […]

M4: Stock Management

Managing details in a pest control business can be overwhelming. Get control of your materials, inventory, and assets with M4 System, designed specifically for these businesses. Set stock levels when you start tracking your inventory, monitor stock levels as you take and use these items, or if you adjust an item’s balance. Track your inventory […]

Get your customers to pay you quickly with these tips!

Photo: StartupNation You’ve done the job for your clients, so it’s time for billing. You send the invoice, and payment doesn’t come, so you send reminders. At best, the bill gets settled quickly. At worst? You’re forced to write it off as bad debt, to prevent these type of situations is better to have a […]

M4: GPS Tracking

In M4, we believe tracking your technicians is just a small part of the solution to improve pest control service operations. That’s why we offer a complete pest control service management system that includes tracking capabilities. In M4 we focus on giving our clients a complete, end-to-end solution from client intake and scheduling all the […]

Improve Your Customer Satisfaction with M4

Photo: VanadAloha Customer satisfaction is one of a big indicator of whether or not a company will grow. Problems with scheduling, accounting, timekeeping, and reporting can all cause customer satisfaction rates to drop. If you’re noticing that customers are complaining about things like late arrivals, incomplete services, rushed jobs, or billing issues, you may have […]

Why You Should Invest in Technical Support Team?

Whenever we purchase a new gadget or an appliance or set up new software or system, we are eager to use it and when suddenly problem occurs, the first thing that we usually do is to contact technical support for assistance. The customer gets frustrated when they are not assisted properly, which most of the […]

M4: Servicing Mobile App

Involving in pest control business, you’re not working at a desk. You are on the move getting things done. M4 mobile is designed for both technicians and owner-operators. The M4 mobile app for pest control companies is not only an addition to the M4 Web Application but a perfect companion to technicians performing extermination services […]

Should You Feel Guilty For Leaving Work on Time?

You glance at the clock and it shows 4:55 PM. You already finished your work and started to tidy up your work desk and shut your computer off. It hits 5:05 PM and you’re finally ready for going home and return into your normal life once again. But then you pause. You look around and […]

M4 : Flexi Schedulling

Spend more time on monitoring and track your team productivity with our Flexi Scheduling features. M4 let you populate your services schedule automatically once an order is made. Means less fuss for you to manage team daily jobs and instead, you can easily balance your team workload with a simple drag and drop,  where you […]

Stop the Glorification of Being Busy

Being busy can be a trick even the best of us fall into. You might be running from sunrise to sundown to get all your tasks done, but chances are, you haven’t been terribly productive during the day. You’ve just been occupied with tons of work alias busy. Instead of running around like a headless […]