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Your Business Website Is Your Business

There are many business owners willing to spend lots of money to rent, renovate and making their office or shop looks stunning. However, when it comes to business websites, they tend to pay less attention and skimp on it. Does the business website able to generate more visitors compared to the shop or office? Perhaps […]

Ridpest Caring Website Up

We are glad to be involved in Ridpest’s online project which we just published. They are easy to work with and being kind and understanding helps us a lot to make this a success. Their new sub-website called Ridpest Caring is an initiative to create a better online communication platform to server their customers and anyone that have pest issues. […]

Getting Ready for GST

Malaysians are going full-force on registering and implementing GST systems as it will be effective on 1st April 2015. This post serve as part of our notes for our support team and clients. We believe this may save time for some and hope it can help others. Below is a summary of what we understand about GST […]

Becoming GST Compliance Accounting Software Vendor

As everyone is anticipating the GST to start on 1st April 2015, we as an accounting software vendor are preparing our software to be ready in accordance to its compliance governed by Royal Malaysia Customs. In April 2014, we sent our company’s representative to attend the seminar for software vendors. And few weeks back, we managed to get […]

What You Really Need To Get A Startup Job

Working for startup is both challenging and rewarding. Dan Woods recently posted an article on how to be ready to join startups. This shall be an awakening thought for students and serve as a readiness checklist to prepare for an interesting work environment. However, its questionable if students could apply the knowledge and demonstrate the technical skills that […]

Malware WordPress Plugins

After a series of DDoS happened in our server, we noticed that it was coming from WordPress from some of our client’s website. One interesting point that we would like to point out is not to simply install any plugins without doing some background checks on it. http://sysadminblog.net/2013/11/fake-wordpress-plugins/

Why using public email services is dangerous

We’ve just witness a confession of a spy from NSA that have access to most major web services such as gmail, yahoo, hotmail, etc. Apart from being exposed to hacking, eavesdropping, identity theft, and many more attacks, we need to be proactive to ensure our own security, clients and vendors to be improved at all […]

A mobile app specializes for Field Service & Maintenance Industry

Mobile Field Service (MFS) is a mobile app specializes for field service & maintenance. It is designed to run on smartphone (iPhone & Android phone) or tablet computers which now available in Apple Apps Store & Google Play. Client says outstanding service keeps her coming back… MFS helps businesses in servicing industries manage their mobile workers; […]